Fresh Chicken- Without Cut

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Fresh Chicken without cut

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Chicken is a lean meat with various health benefits. Packed with nutritional values, chicken is supremely advantageous for your body. Filled with vitamin, mineral and protein, chicken promotes brain development, strengthens your bones, aids in weight loss, builds muscle and helps in a healthy heart. Chicken curry is one of the favourite non-veg dishes in most Indian households.

Our butcheries process the meat, artisanally cut and proportion them ready to be packed. One of the most important things we do keep them fresh is storing them at the right temperature. Our transport vehicles are temperature-controlled to make sure the meat remains fresh and succulent. We pack the meat hygienically and store them in temperature-controlled rooms. Our delivery executives collect the meat and carry them in insulated trays covered with gel pads to keep the freshness intact until it reaches our customer's doorstep.

How to Use

Chicken is used to make soups, kebabs, vindaloos, biryani and curries. It is used in salads, burgers, sandwiches and the like.


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