Revive Liquid Stiffener

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Revive Liquid Stiffener

Cotton clothes are always a difficult task to manage. They tend to become lifeless after a wash or become very stiff with patches after a starch. Starching cotton clothes is not easy either. It requires the right amount of starch and water, else the colored clothes will have white patches all over. Revive liquid stiffener is a miraculous solution to this problem. Revive Liquid Stiffener dissolves evenly in water and delivers patch-free starching of cottons and cotton blends. As with Revive powdered starch it provides the ease and convenience of cold-water starching. Unlike other starches, it can be used on whites as well as on colored fabrics. Revive liquid stiffener adds life to your cottons and makes them soft and fresh. It is an easy and convenient way to starch your cottons. It can be used even on terry-cottons. The versatility of this product has made it one of the largest selling product in the category. Marketed by Marico, Revive liquid stiffener is the best way to starch your cottons to add life and sparkle to your clothes. It can be used on both white and colored fabrics.

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