Rexona Women Roll On Aloe Vera, 50ml

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Did you know, sweat trapped in your underarms feeds bacteria to cause 90% of body odour? To stop body odour at its source, you need Rexona – the World’s No. 1 Deodorant! Rexona Underarm Roll-On acts on underarm sweat where bacteria thrive, to keep you smelling clean and protected from odour all day! It has sweat guard technology which prevents odour from sweat + bacteria. Get 10X Protection with the new Rexona Underarm Roll-On. Aloe Vera Underarm Odour Protection Roll-On is a light, fresh aloe scent with a calm and cooling feeling that leaves you clean and protected from odour for about 48 hours. An anti-per spirant with a clean, fresh scent to keep you feeling dry and confident all day long. Whether you’re scaling a mountain, running for the bus or train, presenting to your boss or going for your first job interview, you can be confident of the best protection. With 0% alcohol, it is safe on the skin and is dermatologist tested. So apply Rexona Underarm Roll-On after your bath every morning, and step out with Rexona confidence! 

How to Use
  • After a shower apply 4 - 6 swipes per underarm everyday. Let product dry before wearing clothes.
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