Snake Gourd (പടവലം )

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Snake gourds are true to their name as they have a long, curved shape with light green speckles and a waxy green skin.
Their firm flesh is embedded with seeds and they taste like cucumber and have a slightly bitter taste. The fruits are orange in colour when ripe and pulpy red after complete ripening.

Storage and Uses

Keep snake gourds in a plastic bag or in an air tight container and refrigerate.
Snake Gourds are added to various Indian dishes like curries, dal and sambar, avial.

They can be grilled and stuffed with other vegetables too.

Also made into pickles and chutneys


Snake Gourds are diuretic and increases urination that helps detoxify the body. They improve digestion and increase hydration.
It also improves the respiratory system functions and stimulates growth of new hair.


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